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“For the budding entrepreneurs and various people who are looking for inspiration can always look up to the successful stock market businessman Kanishk Gupta”
“Congratulating Kanishk on his well-deserved success. We wish him all the gold and glitter for his future endeavours and wish him all the success ahead.”
“Kanishk Gupta is a 20 years old, leading Business person from city Noida, in the Industry of Stock Market. He’s running an ISO certified successful company”
“Incomet provides effective growth in the stock market, manoeuvring students with training, providing opportunities, and making people more independent”


“Leading Company to Become Financially Independent. Incomet has also developed a holistic mindset in their trainees, which makes them the best at what they have acquired.”
” They have trained more than 8000 students till now and been awarded by many magazines and platforms for their quality education and jaw-dropping results.”
“They have exceptionally prepared in excess of 8000 understudies genuinely till now and essentially resemble the actually most secure spots to when all is said in done go for newcomers to the financial exchange.”
“They have incredibly arranged more than 8000 understudies really till now and basically look like the in reality most secure spots to when everything is said in done go for newcomers to the money related trade.”
“In recent Start-up India program Prime-Minister Narendra Modi has praised Incomet on various aspects including its fair tax practices, as Incomet is the first start-up to pay taxes without any manipulation.”
“Incomet extending a helping hand to the underprivileged section of the society. Incomet’s 5% revenue goes to social service; it has joined hands with many non-governmental organizations for various social causes that need immediate attention and support from the citizens and institutions.”
“Incomet trainees vouch for its qualitative result oriented training in the Stock Market.” “Incomet has helped me immensely in my journey for gaining relevant knowledge required to enter this field. It helped me to take my trades to another level. The knowledge I gained helped me in building confidence in taking the right trade decisions. “
“Incomet student Gaurav Fulara has done wonders in share market at a young age
He discusses how this is the right time to venture into the stock market, and the importance of the right guidance, and how he has an advantage over many others who are foraying into the stock market.”