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Incomet has the aim to provide the right education in stock market trading so that the right way to make money via the stock market using robust technical analysis is available to everyone.


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Lack of financial literacy is something that is one of the biggest challenges of today’s generation. We at Incomet have a vision to enrich the lives of the already exceptional Indian youth with stock market education.

We are counted amongst the most trusted institutes for stock market training in India and constant innovation with real-time practical exposure is that drives us. The knowledge we provide and the way we provide it is constantly updated to always make sure that financial education is effective, easy & accessible to everyone in India.

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An Expert Team

Our team includes expert traders & trainers under whom our students master all aspects of the stock market.

Live Trading Sessions

We know that theoretical knowledge is as important as technical knowledge. This is why we provide live-market trading sessions to our students.

360° Coverage

Our huge variety of courses cover everything, right from the base fundamentals of the stock market to the A-Z fundamentals of technical analysis.

Small Batch Sizes

Our classes are held in small batch sizes. This promotes healthy one-to-one interactions between the teachers and students.

Our Membership Programs

Advance Market Maker (AMM)

Designed by a talented team of young entrepreneurs and stock market experts, this course teaches the fundamentals of trading in the foreign exchange markets.

Not just this, this course also elaborates on how different stock markets work and what are the different instruments of trade. The vision to teach someone on how to be profitable in the long term.

Smart Traders Program

It’s the most advanced and effective program made to create full-time traders. This program will help students, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and housewives in equal measure.

There will be 5 days continuously live trading from Monday to Friday under the guidance of mentor & theoretical sessions will take place 2 days a week.

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Smit Jatin Premani

“Joining Incomet was the best decision of my life. I had no idea how to work on charts. I always thought market works on some fluke as how would one know that it’ll move up or down. But Incomet and there mentors helped me out with it. They made me trust that charts do work in trading. One sentence by Incomet mentor i.e. “ Be in the 5%, not in the 95%” as 95% of them lose the money, changed my scenario to work hard on it. Today, almost making 5-10k a day. Being a student it is a proud moment for one to earn so. Thank you so much Incomet team for giving the best knowledge of the market.”

Vanshika Jalan

“Incomet is one of the best training platform i have came across, it has transformed my life through providing me various opportunities & helped me to mint an active income from share bazaar. There trainers & executives are very friendly, always available to solve our queries. Thank you incomet for everything”

Rashap Bansal

“Having a dream of being financially independent, i entered into the stock markets. Initially i thought it won’t be a tough deal to make money through the stock market on my own but sooner did i realise that in order to do so one must have proper knowledge and strategies. Trust me i have gone through 217 youtube videos till date and about dozens of reading materials provided on google but the way i have learnt after joining incomet is really something out of my dreams. The proficiency and effectiveness trainers have here has no competition. Picking up a student right from the basics to the highest levels is what incomet opines to do. Looking forward to a bright future with them.”

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